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With your help we support Dinosaur Valley State Park. Including funding for new interpretive signs.  New equipment for the park.  Repairs for equipment and park structure. Supplies for National Fossil Day, Christmas in the Park, Dino Dive, Haunted Hike, Easter Egg Hunt and many more educational activities.

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Dinosaur Tracks


Hundreds of real dinosaur tracks are located inside our beautiful park.  View theropod and sauropods tracks made millions of years ago by these amazing creatures.

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The Dino Dive


Want to be involved in a event that you will remember for years to come?

Join us January 1st of every year as we plunge into the spring fed Blue Hole.  One of the most popular swimming holes in the great state of Texas.

It includes a full day of outdoor events leading up to our famous Dino Dive.

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Kayak over hundreds of dinosaur tracks.  Rent a kayak from the park store or bring your own.

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The Park Store


Like Dinosaurs? Shop the largest selection of dinosaur related gifts in the state of Texas.  Our park store has a huge variety of gifts and supplies from dinosaur toys to camping gear.

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Haunted Hike


support our park by attending our scary outdoor Haunted Hike.  Every year the last weekend of October.

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Check out a huge selection of all our most popular Dinosaur Valley swag!

Mountain Biking


 Mountain bike some of the best and most challenging trails in the state of Texas.  

Hiking Trails


We have over 15 miles of scenic trails for you to discover.



The Paluxy River runs right through Dinosaur Valley State Park which is home to numerous species of fish.

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We are always in need of your support.  Every dollar supports our non profit group which in return helps keep up the beauty of our park.



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