The Dino Dive

When is the Dino Dive


The Dino Dive is on the first day of every year.  This will be our 4th year to put on the Dino Dive.  

Dino Dive Medal


Those that participate in the Dino Dive and have purchased a ticket will receive a official  Dinosaur Valley State Park Dino Dive medal.

The Blue Hole


The Blue Hole is a deep swimming area in the Paluxy River.  It is spring fed and is around 20 feet deep.  It is a popular area for many visitors especially during the summer.

Other Events


First Day Hikes

Bike Ride

Tips for the Dino Dive


 Wear your diving clothes under the clothes you wear to the event; then you don’t have to change into it just to change right back out of it!
Choose your “Dive Day” outfit (or post-dive gear) with this is mind: you will be cold and possibly numb, so loose-fitting, easy-on clothes without a lot of snaps, zippers or buttons are best.  When your fingers and toes don’t work so well, it’s not so easy to get some of that stuff back on!
Bring a loose pair of shoes to wear after the dive: something that will slip easily on and doesn’t have tricky laces (think Crocs). 

Costume Contest


Just be creative.  A costume is not required.  Some people like acting a little crazy and that's ok!