Volunteer Oportunities

How to get Started
We welcome volunteers of all ages. Volunteers under age 15 must be accompanied by an adult. If you are a group that is interested in doing a volunteer project, please contact our volunteer coordinator Asa Vermeulen: or (254) 897-4588.

If you're interested in joining the Dinosaur Valley team as a regular volunteer, please visit this site, and start the volunteer application or contact the park volunteer coordinator. 

If you are interested in only volunteering at the gift shop please email

Gift Shop (March-October)

Volunteers that work in the gift shop can work at the cash register, work on the native garden in front of the park store, and help with the inventory and maintenance of the park store. To volunteer specifically with the gift shop, please contact the gift manager by email at:

Headquarters (March-October)
At Headquarters, volunteers provide clerical support to headquarters staff. Volunteers assist with fee collection, greeting guests, answering phones or radio calls, data entry or filing, and maintaining the exhibit room and bathrooms. Volunteers can also present our short orientation film and rove the Exhibit area answering questions about the exhibit and park.

Interpreter and Environmental Education (March-October)
Volunteers share information about the paleontological, cultural, natural and recreational resources. Those that enjoy public speaking and sharing information with others would be great at this. This is a very important role as volunteers are at times the only staff a visitor will encounter. Volunteers can lead scheduled programs or hikes through the park by foot or bike. Volunteers can be roving interpreters by bike and stop and talk to people. A talk or hike can range from dinosaurs and geology to birds and native plants. There are also opportunities to go to libraries or local schools and speak with children.

Biology (March-October)
Dinosaur Valley is rich in natural resources. Flora and fauna surveys and monitoring in the park aid the park in making management decisions and educating the visitors and agency on the status of species at the park. This can be anything from bird counts to butterfly larva monitoring. Volunteers can also aid in the identification and removal of invasive vegetation.

Maintenance and Safety (Year Round)
Volunteers do everything from mowing grass, painting, cleaning dinosaur tracks, and working a tractor. Volunteers can also work on trail maintenance and keeping up our native gardens. There is also an opportunity to preform mountain bike patrol in our trails to assist visitors, educate users on violations, pick up remote trash, and check for trail issues. Our maintenance volunteers help keep the Park looking good and safe.

Special Events (Year Round)
Volunteers are a huge help at special events. This can mean manning an outreach booth on and off-site, assisting with parking, and helping out with annual events such as the Haunted Hike, Spring Wingding, and the Easter Egg Hunt to name a few.

Parks Hosts (Year Round)
Host volunteers play a vital role in our park. They help support the staff in day to day functions from greeting to helping maintain the campground. For more information on the program visit this link: Park Host Program